Why We Must Abolish Schooling – Ivan Illich

This radical article was a compelling and engaging read. It is hard to accept everything that is mentioned, but a lot of it is ripe for reflection and consideration. Firstly, I would warn Illich of falling into the trap of Lamb’s when roasting pig. (Kliebard, 196) While the fact we have obligatory schooling does have […]

The Contradiction and the Challenge of the Educated Woman – Martin

This engaging and thought provoking article begins with a description by John Stuart Mill of the educated woman as a walking contradiction. “Women who read, much more women who write, are, in the existing constitution of things, a contradiction and a disturbing element.” (p. 6) Martin goes on to explore Woolf’s picture of the educated […]

Introduction: The Question of Method in Philosophy of Education – Claudia Ruitenberg

Somewhat ironically, I enjoyed this article for the very reason I lambasted the past article. This is, again, an essay that harkens to the ideas of prominent modern theorists to buoy its own argument. However, in this article, the emphasis is on reflective thinking to outline our philosophical methodologies. Students “by naming their ways of […]

The Case for Philosophical Mindedness – Christou and Bullock

At its core, I find the premise of this article engaging. The argument is made that approaches and philosophies regarding education are grounded in an ‘insider’ perspective, because any child of the West has significant experience with organized and institutionalized education. (p. 22) It is the duty of educators to adopt a ‘Philosophical Mindedness’ that […]