Leadership and Teaching

About Me

The unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates

From an early age, I loved to learn and find out more about the world. A career in education came naturally to me, because I would much rather spend my life bettering myself and others, than doing anything else.

In the decade I have spent as an educator, more than half of that has been in leadership positions. With a strong ethos and concept of what it means for me to be a leader, I have helped schools grow, develop their program, and strengthen their educational infrastructure.

Technology is leading us into the future, because done right, it serves to make our daily experiences easier. Similarly, I try to frame myself as a servent leader – someone who can work with administration to organize, work with teachers to enhance their practice,  and work with students to learn, in this way, everyone grows.

At each institution I have worked, my legacy has continued past my time there, in curriculum, programs, infrastructure and robust digital platforms, that have allowed the schools to do what is most important, improve the quality and results of their teaching.