This is my blog for GDPI 811 of the Queen’s Professional Masters of Education. As opposed to prior courses, my approach to this course is different. Partly, it is different based on necessity. One of the requirements of this course is to create a blog that others can contribute towards. As a result, I have installed WordPress on my LAMP server and incorporated this as part of the website.

I think the idea of creating a blog to articulate our ideas, and keep a running public journal is an exciting activity. I hope visitors find it interesting as well.

I plan to re-theme this blog in the coming few weeks so that it can look more awesome and amazing. Right now, I have chosen a bare-bones theme that is clean.

As I have been writing the postings, I am aware that they can be a bit heavy and difficult. I hope visitors find this engagingPartly this is because of my rambling ideas on the readings, partly this is because of time constraints and a very busy schedule the past few weeks.

It is my hope that this journal will serve as a way to engage with material in depth, as a result, I may post longer journal entries than the prescribed 200-500 words, merely for the sake of thoroughness as opposed to brevity. I will be open to feedback offered by one and all.

Hope you enjoy it, and it is not too boring! Welcome to my site,


Web Data Integration with ManageBac

This post was written for the talk “APIs and Beyond” at the Faria Education Technology Conference 2021.               APIs or Application Programming Interfaces are central

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